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DW-for-LNC-site-small Estro Block is the supplement of the year, perhaps the supplement of the decade."

-David Wolfe

David Wolfe's Interview

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Estro Block Pro has been clinically demonstrated to clear out toxic synthetic estrogens and hormones that enter our bodies from unnatural sources. This Pro formula is 3 times more potent than the original Estro Block!

The unique, all natural, combination of indole-3-carbinol and noncrystalline DIM is more than 5 times as effective as competitors.


Everyone is exposed to plastic, pesticides, and pollution. Few people know that when the body processes these toxics, they convert into a hormone.

This hormone is called a xenoestrogen, an estrogen from outside your body.

When your biochemistry is changed by these toxic estrogens you may run into the following symptoms:

Stubborn Fat
Low Energy
Bone Density Loss
Muscle Loss
Poor Mental Clarity
Emotional Problems
Nerve Disorders

Some people have one or all of the symptoms. Each body is different but the real thing to consider is, how important it is to be in your natural state.

New research is coming out daily regarding just how much these synthetic hormones in our food, water, and air, actually effect us. The sad fact is, this influx of toxins shows no signs of slowing down but contrarily are increasing.

Estro Block Pro was made as a result of formulas being used to reduce breast and prostate cancers. A lot of people have attempted to copy this miracle formula over the years but our unique delivery system is unmatched and yields real clinical results, with no toxic side effects from unnatural ingredients.

Estro Block